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Viktoria is a consummate professional. Her work is very caringly executed with superior technique. She is extremely knowledgeable and uses natural, soothing products. In her beautiful & relaxing atmosphere, I always feel especially nourished, relaxed and radiant. Viktoria has the unusual ability to work with many different  hair and skin types. Thanks to Viktoria's wonderful sensitivity, everyone will feel included and comfortable. She is committed to providing the best care possible and she is an inspiration to all of us.
Debbie R., Teacher, Alameda, CA

There is something unusual and very special about the skin care you receive from Viktoria.  In addition to the soothing and impeccable atmosphere she creates, the purity of the products she uses, and the considerable professionalism and skill she brings to her work, Viktoria's care stands out because it is infused with real caring.  The "Viktoria experience" teaches me time and again that beauty really is more than skin deep, because it comes from within.  I always leave feeling nourished and peaceful inside, as well as healthy and radiant on the outside.  In our fast-paced world we need to find more ways to replenish our spirits.  Of all the estheticians who have taken care of my skin over the years, for this kind of total experience, Viktoria is simply the best.
Sara Katz, Ph.D., Berkeley, CA

Dear Viktoria,
Thank you very much for waxing my eyebrows and for fantastic facial with LED Light Therapy.
My eyebrows look great and my skin feels softer & smoother. I look so much younger and I can't wait to see you again for another waxing and facial experience.
You truly have hands with MAGIC TOUCH.
Thanks again. Sincerely,
Paul M., Photographer


Dear Viktoria,
By the time I had met you 3 years ago, I had given up on feeling beautiful and comfortable with myself.  All of the healthy and mindful eating habits, daily exercise, hair appointments, and shopping sprees at the makeup counter seemed pointless if my face was going to break out with large distracting blemishes, zits, and welts on my chin, nose, and forehead.  Also horrifying was my bikini line, yielding between 5 to 7 hideous ingrown hairs that looked like disgusting sores every time I got waxed prior to meeting you.  Simple things, like sitting, wearing a bathing suit, or anticipating a camping trip invitation was a nightmare for me.
I shared my hopelessness with you, and you encouraged me to trust you, to let you try to restore my hope.
I am so grateful that I took a chance!  I didn't realize how imperative technique, product, and formal training is in BOTH types of services!  Both facials and body waxing!  After SOOOO many different waxing and facial professionals, I naturally assumed the problem was ME, and my course curly European hair!  You proved to me that is wasn't me at all.  Time and time again, month after month, for the 3 years that I have been a loyal client, my face, for the first time since probably 12 years old, my face is CLEAR, clean, hydrated, and healthy . . and I am NO longer struggling with and concealing any ingrown hairs!
Thank you for restoring my confidence, for explaining to me all of the natural ingredients in the products you use, for being professional and knowledgeable, and for sharing interesting new information about the importance of water, nutrition, and self-pampering.  I always leave your appointments feeling clean, refreshed, revived, beautiful, and inspired to continue my healthy lifestyle.
Thank you !
Michelle S.,
Alameda, CA

Since I have been having monthly facials from Viktoria over the last few years, my family and friends have commented how great my skin looks. I, myself, noticed a dramatic difference shortly after I began the facials. My pores are smaller and my skin tone has greatly improved - which has given me more confidence. Viktoria consistently takes extra care to do an excellent job -- she is patient, thorough, very professional and committed to providing the best care. Thanks to Pevonia products, which Viktoria recommended, I no longer have painful and embarrassing Rosacea outbreaks.  Thank you Viktoria for saving my skin !
Linda Hernandez, Career Counselor at UC Berkeley